Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Korean Addicts...SUPER JUNIOR all the way~

I've become more n more crazy lately.. I'm getting really immersed into all this. Pa n Ma already give me a warn.. They really dislike me stuck in front of my lappy n watching SJ oppa n k-drama everytime..haha~ Recently lot of bad thing happen to al coz of SJ.. They are being mistreated, bullied, and betrayed by their own company .. Even cried for them.. Crazy me crazy!!

My love for SUPER JUNIOR will not die even they are no longer in this industry.. Arghh..feel like listing all their name here.. Cheongmal cheongmal sarang SUJU oppa~

Wookie oppa - my bias, the most cutest and charming for me~
Sungmin oppa - kyeopta pinky maniac~
Eeteuk oppa - charming leader with great responsibilities~
Heechul oppa - everything is okay if it is him~
Eunhyuk oppa - uri monkey getting more n more handsome day by day~
Donghae oppa - i love it when wookie is his fav dongsaeng~
Kyuhyun oppa - evil magnae whom only listen to eeteuk oppa~
Siwon oppa - charming and full of gesture, a real gentleman~
Yesung oppa - funny and full of unexpected action~
Kangin oppa - the strongest among all~
Shindong oppa - fat didn't mean anything, he proves it!! great dancer~
Kibum oppa - silent and always act like hyung even he is the magnae~
Hankyung oppa - might be missing now but in our heart, never~

n not to be missed out

Henry oppa - the magnae of SUPER JUNIOR FAMILY~
Zhoumi oppa - The tallest among SUPER JUNIOR FAMILY apart from Siwon oppa~ love for SUPER JUNIOR is true~gonna cheer them wth all my heart!! 5jib daebak!! i'll take part in the GDA contest to help SUPER JUNIOR..get ready ELF!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Feel like writing after a long break from IT world...have been very busy at HKL as trainee of FBW which stand for Farmasi Bekalan Wad..another week to go through before being send to another department..5 month, at first we thought it just to short to learn and now we think luckily we just have 5 month or we will be bored like other trainee from diff college n univ who had to spend for about 10-11 month there..

true, they learn more but then they feel so bored to be post to each department too for us, we enjoy ourself much at the friend who had been post to OPD n Uro&Nephro have experienced themselve the bitter memories there which make me dun feel like wanna get post to another dept...

so far, FBW has no problem except my r/ship one of trainee from one college who think she was the best and annoyed me damn much..even have had my first n eva big arguement with somebody whom i just know..i didn't even want to tell her name..never use her real name..i always label her as 'bacteria staphylococcus'...she's smart, so what??she's old, yeah indeed!!but what make u have the right to act like you are my senior when you and me are just the same..a trainee which i came early about 2 days??

at first it just us the msu-er who silently dislike her but then, her classmate told us how they don't like her and how she always wanna pick a fight with other people..they told us how she had no friend and always clinging around the girl who telling me all those..they even told us how a boy from their class had a big arguement with her since she told other people that she think that boy admire her..and that boy does not even a bit..she is about 6 years older and sorry to say 'ugly fat' when from what i heard the boy is kinda good looking and president of the class or something and really popular too..this girl is just some bullshit who really need a big big mirror not to just see her appearance but also mirror that reflect her innerside which is too bad to be shown..

after the arguement i've never speak to her and can't even sit f2f with her..everytime she sit in front of me i'll just stand up and go to another table..funniest, she even tried to cling herself around my friend who are msu-er and also my roomate+bestfren...think she like her...even praising my bestfren up to the sky...and last week her senior who are also there in FBW told us how they annoyed with her..this 2 senior of her is just too kind..they always help me and n my bestfren...they really dun like how she react when she heard or doing's too annoying..funniest think is dat the staff there once say how she blocking everyone's way when FBW is just too small to fit around 20 of us and the medication trolley when she always stand in front of the cabinet finding for a drug which take her such a long time..

and wat i most hate is that there is once we all the trainee being call for doing an error while packing the drug..and it happen not the work done by us but dat so smart girl!!!she just don't want to admit her wrong and just say she done it with us..what the heck??i'm not doing those work!!i just help sending the JKTU item list to the JKTU and continue my work on imprest stock..did not even touch any tablet..dat big stupid girl who always act so smart..and it happen again when we got call again coz of the same mistake..and luckily it got signature there..but then we don't know she change her signature and she didn't even admit her wrong..last two days i caught it was her signature and when we got call from the staff we jut told them directly it's not us but it was that 'bacteria' who did those stupid mistake..

she even make the staff have headache when she always act the way she want and very rude to the staff to even though it just a lower class think that i really can't stand is that she is always MIA which then i know she's going to the library to online and chat with her FB boyfriend or to sleep..when we had no time to break??truthfully, we had no relax moment except for lunch which we are given 1 hour..but then me and my friend just use about 20-30 minute coz we want to finish all the's a mess when we come and see all those drug at the prepacking room is everywhere...i dun even care if we had to go back home late to finish those work, as long as the room is neat and clean..i love to work..arghhh..haha~might became a workmaniac..kekeke~

lastly my report..i didn't even start to write any single word..really dun have idea on how to start..worried but then i didn't do anything..can't we just work and forget all those reports and presentation??it's suck..too much to think about while i'm enjoying my life as a trainee~

see u soon bloggie..need to have my day..kekeke~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

my room can't get any better!!

haha..mama kept telling me how she's having headache over my bedroom.. i told her that i'm gonna take just 2 weeks to clean all those messy.. but she refused to hear and told me to clean it rite away.. i'm having headache for having too much work.. i can't really do it in a day.. i need to do it slowly.. yesterday i've been doing for about 1 hour and i've bad headache which cause me to fall esleep for about 2-3 hours.. and how do u expect me to finish all this in one day?? i'm trying to make it fast mama.. please just ignore my room.. i've told u not to enter my room till i'm done rite?? haha~

now i've done 80% of my bedroom.. just need to clean up my bed and throw away all those rubbish and put unused item in the store.. but i don't want to it now.. let me finish it tomorrow.. i'm sure, i'm gonna have a deep sleep tonite since i've been pushing myself to finish it.. i'm having headache now and i feel like sleeping.. have to wait for Maghrib and Isyak first..seeing the pillow waving at me.. haha~

tomorrow, mama gonna go back to Dumai.. she want to meet my granny and her younger sis.. let her have her holiday then.. she had been waiting for me to have sem break, so that she can go.. and as usual, i'm gonna in charge of house cleaning, laundry, cooking and etc.. jut the housewife works + helping papa wif his lorry~ have to help him and abang.. gonna have a long tiring day.. dats wat mama done everyday.. oh mama, I LOVE YOU!!!

thats it.. gonna continue later, see ya bloggie!!

dya zairizal

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Complicated life but family and friend are always there~

I'm already home now.. Have finish my fifth sem and get ready for the LI in HKL this coming 29 November 2010.. Really had a tiring day today since i've been moving out from the house at SA and bring all my things back to BK.. I'm not gonna miss SA, but i'll miss my housemate so much~ and my classmate too..

Not gonna unpacked all my belonging since, i'm so da
mn lazy to do so~ Let's just do it in this few weeks.. Bit by bit, i'm sure it's gonna b done.. haha.. Now, just wanna have a blast wif all my lovely oppa~ And not to be forget, i'm so happy to receive such love from my luvly housemate!!tq so much for the present!!

Nicest present from Luvly housemate!!

Tomorrow, i'm gonna have fun for last time before all housemate go back hometown.. Wif syira n nab, we are planning to watch 'cuti2 cinta'.. Funniest!! Me, watching a malay movie.. But since there is cutie Nora Danish n funny Farid Kamil, we gonna have a try.. haha.. Let's just hope it's gonna b worth our money..haha~ No matter wat, i'm gonna enjoy our day tomorrow..

And lastly, now... I'm gonna have my break.. It's not even 11pm, but let me just read my comic.. while listening to my Oppa singing of course!! haha~

Monday, October 11, 2010

life as a student..isn't it burdensome??

dear bloggie,

with them studying, i'm having a blast with Mr. Toshee.. been reading but then it turn out useless when not a single word get into my brain.. yawning and yawning.. it's been 9 days since exam start and i've done with 2 paper which mean i've got another 2 paper this coming thursday and saturday.. and then, there goes my busy and bored day...aigoo~

after the exam, i'm gonna have 'spend-time-with-the-girls-day'... it's been such a long time since we plan on going to ice-skating in Sunway.. insyaallah, next monday or tuesday, we will be there to have a blast together.. right then, we are gonna be going to KL to find a room or house to be rent around HKL since we (me and 3 friend who two of them is my housemate) are gonna have our LI at the HKL at the end of november.

to be honest, i'm afraid that i might didn't make it to the LI since i'm afraid my result gonna turn bad..i'm hoping that i pass and can continue to have LI there at HKL.. if only i didn't make it this end of november and i need to repeat paper, then, i think i might just stop study.. gonna be ashamed with friend and lecturer.. i'm sure papa will tell me to get married since he will say i'm not serious..haha~

after satisfied with the blast with friend, got house or room...then, my life as a good daughter gonna start.. with determination(which i'm not sure for how long it can remain), i'm gonna make a handnote info about all those drugs and medication usually used in hospital so that i'm not gonna be ashamed with my blankhead.. since, i'm carrying the MSU name, i've to do my best to not to make them ashamed with me..haha~my wish..haha~

hopefully,this final exam gonna pass smoothly and calmly.. after satisfied with all those excitement, i'm gonna try hard to prepare for LI.. and later at HKL, i'll try my best to enjoy my work and learn as much as i can..hopefully i'm not gonna create any mess and get a good recommendation from hospital..and i can see that i'm gonna miss my SUJU oppa when i'm in hospital later..not only SUJU oppa, SHINee, DBSK, BEAST, UKISS, FTI and etc...gonna have time on weekend only i think(if not busy with report)..huwaaaa~

wish me luck ok bloggie!!!off now to sleep since i'm having stomachache after eating at steakhouse just now..haha~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting crazy wif the boys...

SUJU, DBSK, SS501, SHINEE....congratz on SUJU 4th album...been loving it much although i'm sad there is no the trio....good luck for SS501 upcoming mini album...and good luck for other boys too...

i've been really hate hate hate hate hate n hate SM!!!!u make my boys all separate n have problem..wif han geng, kang in, ki bum, junsu, jaejong, micky's really such a waste!!SM is such a petty company!!how come u bring them down like that??can't u see all of them are really in pain??their relationship wif other members...if only i had the power, i will not let u go!!hate u!!oppa, saranghae!!please b strong n stronger!!dis will end soon...

plez dun cry oppa...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hidupku yang indah~

@@Alhamdulillah, masalah ku dah selesai... Mungkin mengecewakan dan masih meninggalkan kesan di sudut hatiku, namun rasa syukur tetap ku ucapkan~ [bapak skema punyew ayat]@@

**xde idea...just dat, aku rasa hidupku indah.. **

##semua account aku kat alam maya ni aku da delete..tggl fb ngan bloggie ni je.. rasanya aku xkan delete kot 2 account, gambar2 ku...tggl di bloggie ku syg ni je...nk delete tp rasenye xpe lah aku biarkan kat sini...mungkin nanti kalau ku dah bersedia akan ku delete account ni..[sob sob]##

##aku dalam alam angau overboard dengan something...setiap hari aku buat benda yg sama sebab perasaan angau overboard aku tu..##

##aku nak mid sem dah minggu depan tapi aku still x paham apa yang aku belajar, walhal baru satu subject aku blaja..lagi satu subject still xde lecturer..unbelievable??TOTALLY!!next week exam and not a single class..huuu~only this saturday we gonna have our first class..harap soalan exam senang..haha~##

**my life just begin again**

**hope for the best~**